I’m not bowing to anyone.

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"Being a father is more than giving life. It’s being there in the middle of the night when you’re sick or afraid or alone. And it’s teaching you how to ride a bike, how to catch a fish, how to tie a tie. Being a parent isn’t about the big moments. It’s about the little ones."

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Finished my Dominion video! A bit rushed but I still think it’s fairly good even though I’m new to editing. 

Had to cut some of the audio to make the video a tad shorter so it may sound a bit off at some points, sorry. 




oh man, i really like mitchell’s translation, it’s so… elegant. idk.

what’s the book, and anything especially interesting you want to share? i remember i was talking about multiple sets of wings and eyes, and after a bit more research it seems that archangels looked a lot like men but there was a kind of angel that was super inhuman/creepy looking…

also i… really don’t remember what furiad called noma, but i don’t think he ever did call her by name…?

Yeah, Mitchell’s translation is great. :)

The book is A Dictionary of Angels (Including the Fallen Angels) by Gustav Davidson. I really haven’t read far in it, yet, tbh; and yep, it’s interesting that there’s no set descriptions or guides about angels, it’s all kind of cobbled together.

I’m only reading the introduction at the moment, and it’s saying how if you want to find angel names, you can’t depend on the Bible. This book has ~300 pages of angel names, lmao, and they’re drawn from outside sources. (There are various lists on the possible combinations of which angels are archangels - Michael and Gabriel are always on them, because they’re like the only two angels named in the Bible. Uriel’s on some of the lists, but not all of them.)

Aaaaand, I just realized that ‘Roan' is not a traditional angelic name, either. I think this show just went 'fuck it' when it comes to the other angel names….



Dominion + fathers who leave

You go back to whatever hole you crawled out of. You don’t have a son.